Friday, October 3, 2008

The Battle for Bragging Rights Part II

As many of you know, Chase loves to golf.  At Christmas time, while we were in Texas, we went miniature golfing.  I came out the victor in the end!  Chase was humbled when I beat him at a sport that he felt he "owned."  For the past nine months he has been begging me to go miniature golfing so that he can redeem himself.  So, for Family Home Evening this week, we went to Trafalga, the beloved Family Fun Center of Orem.  Here's a brief synopsis of what went down Monday night:

From the Windmill course comprised of 18 difficult holes anyone could hear heavy trash talk from both "Sugar Mama" and "Tiger".  After putting a hole in one on the 6th hole, Sugar Mama was confident that she would yet again claim the title of "Best Putter".  The infamous "Windmill" shot tried to slow both golfers with some unexpected flooding, but both putters were not deterred.  After nine holes, Sugar Mama was up by 5.  However at hole 11, she met frustrations as she kept slightly gliding by the hole and as she lost the lead.  Nevertheless, the 12th hole, a dreaded anthill type hole, psyched Tiger out and resulted in a lead once again for Sugar Mama.  Ahead was the intimidating Castle hole with a creaking front door that beckoned for anyone to try their luck at getting by.  Skillfully both Tiger and Sugar Mama timed their shots and made it past the door.  Hole 16 is where it all went down though.  Sugar Mama nailed a hole in one once again gaining ground that Tiger could not get back before the final hole.
Tiger - - - 56
Sugar Mama - - - 54
Victory never tasted so sweet for Sugar Mama!!
You may wonder what my prize for winning was.  All I wanted was the bragging rights!!  I think Chase will think twice before challenging me again.  Don't feel too bad for Chase though; he reclaimed his masculinity by beating me in arcade basketball.  Oh well!  I never claimed I was good at basketball.


Nate said...

Awesome, you really can't let Chase live that down.

Megs said...

So fun!