Friday, September 26, 2008

Why Life is Good

If you haven't watched the season premiere of The Office, don't read this post until you do so.
1. I have a husband who loves me and still does sweet things...such as bringing home a beautiful autumn bouquet.  (Thanks Mom for sending us the crystal vase...Chase got the hint!)

2. I've been married for 3 months as of Thursday.  I know what you're thinking...that's it?  I know it seems like so much longer.  My students pointed out that maybe it seems longer since we were engaged for forever.  Amen!  Thank goodness engagement is over!

3. I have an amazing job where I get to teach about the Savior and associate with teenagers!  At this job I enjoy moments like this one:
This year I am trying to be more on the ball about calling when a student is missing to make sure they're okay or to catch them in the act of skipping in the hopes that it deters them from continuing their pattern of skipping or as they call it here in Utah, sluffing.  I called home about a young man in my 4th hour class and found out from his mom that he was having a hard time after not getting a job he had applied for and had stopped praying. So I decided to call his cell and just let him know that I missed him and hoped he was doing okay.  His mom called the next day to let me know that he started praying again that night and had thanked Heavenly Father for a seminary teacher that cares about him.  It's moments like this one that make the job more than worth it!!

4. I am playing both intramural volleyball and soccer.  Doubling it up has been a bit crazy some weeks, but it is tons of fun to associate more with girls from my ward.

5. The Office has started again!!  Granted I was a bit disappointed with last night's episode, but I have high hopes.  Can you believe that Jim and Pam are engaged?!?!

How Life Could Be a Bit Better...
1. If Brad and Karrie were able to move back to Galveston...stupid Hurricane Ike.  Which leads me to aother way life could be better,
2. If I were a bit closer to my family.  Thank goodness for my weekly phone calls with Kari and my parents!
3. If Kristin lived closer..gosh dang girl, I want to be there in person right now.
4. If the LSAT were over with already...Chase has a week until these long 6 months of studying and stressing are over.  Keep your fingers crossed!!


Mark and Elaina Andreasen said...

YAY! You are blogging! I think about you all the time and wonder how you are. Now we can be blog friends too! I can't wait to see some pictures. So you should call me sometime.

Dayna said...

Christy, great start to your blogging career. Next comes the horde of dedicated readers, bloggin awards, and F*A*M*E.

Well I just wanted to make a post, I rarely do this but I wanted you to know I actually to come in and read every once and awhile.

2 thoughts: (1) How weird is it that Utahns say "sluffing" - I mean what's that all about. Catch up with the rest of the country and call it what it is "SKIPPING" oh and we on a random rhyme tangent we really need to make some fluffernutters soon.

(2) Dayna wanted to make sure you realized that you wrote Jim and KAREN are in engaged instead of Jim and Pam.

There ya go.


Jeff and Kari said...

It's about time. How sad is it when an old person like me is cooler than you. Love ya

Megs said...

you and I are on the same wavelength! I started a blog last week too (our address: :) Fun, fun. Oh, and I am so jealous - I would LOVE to be a seminary teacher; I actually had a student tell me I would be a good one the other day (yeah, it was a little random)! I guess I'm pretty close without actually being hired by CES...