Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our house...in the middle of our street

Here is a walking tour of our condo.  I think I filmed this back in early October...but you'll get the idea of our humble abode.  We've taken big strides in decorating and organizing the place since my family has seen it.  My family will be happy to note that we don't sleep on the ground, but we do in fact have a mattress.  A king sized mattress to be exact.  Due to Chase's neurotic preferences when falling asleep, we needed the space so that my elbow doesn't cross over onto "his side" of the bed.  Chase's sleeping preferences is one of the things I have loved learning about my husband--he can't have any light in the room; he cannot stand any noise...not even the soft sounds (and I mean soft) of EFY music being played upstairs; and lastly he must have his feet cold before falling asleep--sometimes this requires running cold water over them before entering the bed.  I pray every night that he grows out of all this by the time kids come along!  Although, I would hate to see his quirkiness go.


Marcus Lane said...

good thing you cleaned

Mark and Elaina Andreasen said...

You have such a cute condo! I love it! Maybe someday we will visit! Let's talk again soon. I miss you! By the way, about the above post...One of my favs is Into the Woods. Lucky that you got to see it!

gassins said...

Love the condo! Thanks for the tour! I especially loved the all of the tour guide comments! You should take that up professionally Christy!! :)