Wednesday, December 24, 2008

And the winner is...

We would like to thank those of you who helped in casting your vote as to who has the better moves in our relationship. The majority rules Chase the master of his move. Let it be known, there are no hard feelings. He's had many more years to perfect this move than me seeing as though he created it. I have my own moves...some of which I apparently showed off at the Gunnell family Christmas party. Post to follow concerning said "moves". Stay tuned :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cast Your Vote!

With the election this year, Chase and I found that many people got pretty excited and passionate about casting their vote.  Well Chase and I have decided to keep that passion alive in others by presenting the opportunity to cast your vote here on our blog.

So here's some background:  Chase feels that he has a trademark dance move.  He many times will show off his moves when rubbing in a victory.  That is what you are about to witness.  However, I feel I can do his move better than he can.  We'll let our public decide.  So who has the moves??? 

Please vote on our comments as to who has the better moves.  Thanks for voting!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Came and Went

I tried to postpone writing the usual "Things I'm Thankful For" post, but after teaching a lesson on "Gratitude" centered on the story of the Ten Lepers I felt humbled.  To avoid being a part of the "Nine Society" I would like to post some of the things I am grateful for this year:

1.  I am grateful for yummy Thanksgiving feasts.  I have to send a shout out to my sister in law Dayna and my in laws Steve and Robin for all their hard work in producing most of our feast.
2. I am grateful that Chase & I both have jobs!

3. I am so thankful for the mild winter we have had thus far this year :)  *knock on wood*

4. I am grateful for the amazing friends I have made just this year and in years past.  I am truly a blessed individual!  I'm especially grateful that I got to see both Tiff and Amanda (and their hubbies) this break while they were in Utah visiting.

5. I am thankful for my new family the Gunnells and the enjoyable break we had together at the Checkett's cabin.  Here's a picture of Karlee and I on our drive up to the cabin.  Everyone should ride a bear at least once in their life!  I'm grateful for a fun loving little sister!!
6. I am grateful for my Smith family and for technology that allowed for me to talk to each of them on Thanksgiving.  Chase and I are both super excited to fly to Texas for Christmas to play!

7. I'm grateful for the little bundles of joy I have to look forward to in my family, both Dayna and Nate's little one on the way, and Brad and Karrie's!

8. I am grateful for yummy chocolate and sweets that hit the spot at the end of a long day!

9. I am grateful for Christmas music that I now play non stop!  Personal favorites include Josh Groban's "Noel" and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's new CD with The King's Singers.

10. Most recently I am thankful for the newest member of the Gunnell clan, Adee.  Who is Adee you might ask?  Well Adee is a 10 week old German and Australian shepherd mix.  She is the cutest puppy ever!  To learn more about how she came to be check out her debut post on the Checketts' blog.  One of my favorite things that we learned about Adee early on is that she loves to chase ice.  She makes me more and more anxious for the time when Chase and I will get a puppy.

Last but certainly not least I am grateful for the love of my life--Chase!  I am grateful that we tied the knot this year.  Already in our five months together we have experienced a whirlwind of laughs, cries, and unforgettable memories.  This year we had a chance to escape to Cancun and to start checking things off of our Bucket Lists.  We bought a home and we conquered the LSAT.  I can't wait to see what things I will be grateful for next year, and I'm so happy that Chase will be by my side the whole way!  Love you babe!

Friday, November 28, 2008

November = Changes

So quickly I have come to see that November brings changes...Utah was so warm and nice on November 1. So nice that Chase and I went for a little hike/walk.  On our hike I rekindled my love for being adventurous in water while Chase relived his childhood days of climbing trees.
On the hike we walked by Bridal Veil Falls.  I am a bit mad at Mother Nature for avalanches and the fact that in 1996 one wiped out an aerial tramway service that use to exist that took people to the top of the falls where a restaurant was situated.  I was excited to hear though that a certain Brady Harper is discussing revamping Bridal Veil Falls.  I support you Brady Harper!!  I would love to see a restaurant back at the Falls!  
Anyway, back to change.  So after the first day of November I thought, "Wow, fall is going to be a bit longer this year!"  Sadly though, Mother Nature has brought about ice!  Ice forms on my windows now and I shiver as I run from my door to the car in the morning :(  I know the changing of the seasons is just a part of life, but sometimes it is just down right rude.
Another change this month has brought is my hair!  Thanks to Rachel and Trish I now have short, brunette hair.  I am loving my new do and am wearing it confidently (as my husband likes to say).  I spaced out the cutting and coloring of my hair by a week, so I think my students are waiting another week to see what I'm going to do next.  At this point I have no plans for any future changes...except Trish is going to help me go from straight across bangs to swoop bangs.  Look out! 

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Night on the Town

The other night Chase and I had a chance to go to Salt Lake to the Hale Center Theater with our friends the Roses to one of my favorite musicals, "Into the Woods".  It's probably one of my favorites because in high school my senior year we performed it and I was the Baker's Wife.  For those of you unfamiliar with the musical, here's a little info from Wikipedia.  I also love the message of this musical...we need to be careful what we teach our children.  Anyway, I feel bad that we went with so little showings left because I would suggest to anyone in the Salt Lake area to go see it!  Honestly, I think it's just as good as Broadway's production.  AMAZING!!  Thanks Rachael and Richard for being on the ball in getting us tickets.  

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our the middle of our street

Here is a walking tour of our condo.  I think I filmed this back in early October...but you'll get the idea of our humble abode.  We've taken big strides in decorating and organizing the place since my family has seen it.  My family will be happy to note that we don't sleep on the ground, but we do in fact have a mattress.  A king sized mattress to be exact.  Due to Chase's neurotic preferences when falling asleep, we needed the space so that my elbow doesn't cross over onto "his side" of the bed.  Chase's sleeping preferences is one of the things I have loved learning about my husband--he can't have any light in the room; he cannot stand any noise...not even the soft sounds (and I mean soft) of EFY music being played upstairs; and lastly he must have his feet cold before falling asleep--sometimes this requires running cold water over them before entering the bed.  I pray every night that he grows out of all this by the time kids come along!  Although, I would hate to see his quirkiness go.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Beauty of October...Part II

I apologize to those readers that have been waiting for the continuation of my prior post. Life is crazy and I can't get to a computer that allows me to get on blogspot so hence the delay. I know it's November now, but oh well!

So another beauty of October is PUMPKINS!!
I have always wanted to go to a pumpkin patch...sadly Chase and I didn't get on the ball soon enough to find a sweet pumpkin patch like the one my brother took his kids to, but we did find this place near my school.
I saw the largest pumpkin ever! It was quite large. And Chase was able to pick out his prize winning pumpkin.

We drove it home and he carved the mathmatical symbol "pie"...get it? Pumpkin Pie! He was so proud of himself. At the Fisher Family Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest he won "Funniest Pumpkin". Way to go babe. I got sick so my BYU pumpkin wasn't able to enter the competition.
Not only can you carve pumpkins, but you can eat them too! Something that I was introduced to last Halloween is Mom Gunnell's amazing pumpkin stew (I think it's a stew). It's yummy beef and sausage cooked in the pumpkin--my mouth waters just thinking of it. We devoured it!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Beauty Of October...Part I

One thing that October can bring is a great excuse for getting friends together to play...


I don't know how many have ever had the chance to play a version of "How To Host A Murder" but Chase and I have really grown to love it.  We played it once last year with his cousins and their dates.  It was a 1920's theme.

Just last weekend our couple friends, the Fishers, hosted one themselves.  This one was a 70's theme.  Chase was super excited to resurrect his high school Saver's find--a sweet jumpsuit.  I too must credit Saver's as well as my sister in law Dayna in helping me put my outfit together!
Chase sported a pretty sweet fro as you can see.  The night started by our lovely hosts treating us to an amazing dinner and then the game began!
After four rounds of interrogating one another we made our guesses as to who murdered Stan A. Live the Disco club owner.  I have to give my hubby credit, he did a pretty good job making a very close guess as to what went down in the club, but I ended up guessing the true murder.  I won't reveal her name in the game in case someone by a freak chance plays this version, but I must say that Rachael did an amazing job!
All in all it was a fun night full of laughs, accents, and wicked costumes.  Here are some more couple pictures from the night.

Tag I'm It

Thank you Audrey for the gave me something to do in order to break up the monotony of finishing up my grades.

*What's your husband's name: Chase Tolman Gunnell
*How long have you been married? 4 months, 4 days
*How long did you date?  Almost 9 months of dating...more than half of that was engagement.  Long engagements are just that--LONG!
*How old is he?  He's just a little youngling coming in at 23 years old.
*Who eats more sweets?  Hmmm...I probably suggest that we eat or bake more sweets, but I think we both consume equal amounts.
*Who said "I love you" first?  Chase by a few days, although I claim that I was tricked into saying it :)
*Who is taller?  Chase by like 2 inches.
*Who can sing best?  I do I suppose, but Chase did make an appearance in our ward choir on Sunday!!
*Who is smarter?  Well after attempting to answer some sample LSAT questions the past few months, I must say that Chase is.  However, we have our areas that we excel in.
*Who does the laundry?  I do, unlike Audrey's relationship, I'm the OCD one.  As my past roommates will recall, there are some things I don't dry and so I would hate for Chase to shrink a shirt out of ignorance to my anal ways.  So I have done the laundry from the get go.
*Who pays the bills?  We both do.
*Who sleeps on the right side?  From what perspective?  Lying down?  Or looking at the bed?  If you are looking at the bed I sleep on the right.  If you are lying down then it's the left.
*Who mows the lawn?  Our HOA takes care of them chores!  Although I will say in the past month both Chase and I helped mow his parents' lawn.  I mowed the back (the part unseen by neighbors) and he mowed the front.
*Who cooks dinner?  Me, although Chase will help at times.  He is officially the sandwich maker!
*Who drives?  Chase, unless we are taking my car, which gets better gas mileage, then I drive.  Chase still gets scared driving a standard when there are hills along the route.
*Who is the first to admit they're wrong?  Hmmm...good question.  We are both pretty stubborn.  I think I'd have to say Chase.
*Who kissed who first?  Oh that was totally Chase!  He was pretty gutsy nibbling my ear while we were watching a movie with the Klains and Balls!  (Speaking of which, how do you do the plural of Balls?  Ballses?  Braden some assistance please.)
*Who asked who out first?  And succeeded?  Me!  Chase had asked me out two or three times prior to our first date, which I asked him out on.
Who wears the pants?  Chase does because my work attire calls for a skirt and hoes every stinkin day!

I tag the Rachael Rose, Kari Smith, and Dayna Checketts!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

We've Found A Match

So about once a month Chase faces me asking him if I can get a dog.  Mostly I kid, but deep down I really want one.  Sometimes I can get him to talk hypothetically and we muse over what kind we would get.  When we were dating this usually ended without a compromise in sight.  See, I grew up with miniature schnauzers, a smaller breed of dog, inside our home but Chase's idea of having a pet dog is having a large, outdoor dog.  

Here's me with my parent's current schnauzer, Bentley

We've done the rounds arguing the pros and cons, but we've finally learned how to a compromise!!!  After the time we've spent with my good friends the Hendersons, we have come to love bullmastiffs.  Audrey's dog, Cleo, is so loving and easy going--not too intrusive to have indoors, but is big to meet Chase's criteria.  We won't be getting a bullmastiff anytime soon, but at least I have something to look forward to!  Actually I have many things to look forward with a bullmastiff, like... 

1. Bullmastiffs like to climb on rocks and be outdoors!
2. Bullmastiffs also like to eat rocks! 

3. Bullmastiffs can sing!
4. Bullmastiffs are easygoing and lovey!
(I stole this picture from Audrey's blog...thanks Audrey!!  This was one of Cleo's puppies)
So one day I will have a bullmastiff of my very one.  Now it's just a matter of when...

Friday, October 17, 2008

St. George Excursion

With Chase finally being done with his LSAT studies, we finally had time to take a little excursion last weekend down to St. George, the land of red rock and warmer weather.  It was perfect timing too since that weekend it snowed in the Salt Lake area.  The reason for our trip was not only to celebrate the load off of Chase's shoulders, but to also see our friend Cameron Smith get married! Here are some of the highlights of our trip:
Chase and I stayed at his uncle Dave's house in St. George the first two nights.  His house is beautiful.  Want to see for yourself?  His house is used in the new movie "Fly Boys".  The view from our room was gorgeous.  My favorite part of the house was the double staircase entry way.  
On Friday we met up with some of the crew and went to a dinner put on by the Smiths.  It was at an amazing country club decked out in some of Jason's rocks.  Don't worry Jason made sure to inform us of "his rock" all over St. George.  I think it was so good for all of us to see how happy Kisa is making Cameron!  The days of crabby, sullen Cameron are gone!  Thank you Kisa for brightening up our friend :)  I think we were all so happy to hear Cameron himself express his love for Kisa that night.  It was so touching! 
The wedding day was a bit chilly, not the norm for St. George.  But that didn't stop the happy couple from living it up on their day!

I love this shot of Cameron.  It almost looks like he just won an election or something!
To kill time before the reception, we and the Russons went and visited the Hendersons.  Oh how I love the Hendersons.  Can I first say, their neighbors got me super excited for Halloween!  Look at the very large spider that one neighbor has infesting his lawn, and across the street from Audrey and Steve is a scary flying dementor!  Seriously, they know how to get into the Halloween spirit.
With the Hendersons we went and climbed some red rock despite the warnings of flash floods.  Jason and I had an enjoyable time scaling the rock!  And Emily helped discover Cleo's new favorite game--chasing rocks and trying to catch them in her mouth!  Really it was a beautiful area to walk around in.  Thanks for introducing it to us!  I feel it necessary also to thank the Hendersons for introducing us to the amazing flavor of peach Fresca and the enjoyable game of Mariokart on the Wii.  Chase and I both agree that the Hendersons are always such hospitable hosts!
Jason pondering the beauty of rocks.
We then attended the reception at Kisa's parents' house.  It was very beautiful despite their last minute changes due to the weather.  For those who are wondering, Cameron and Kisa were kind to one another during the cutting and eating of the cake.  

One of the highlights of the night was the candy bar set out for the guests.  As a party favor they had little take out boxes for us to fill with candy.  Chase and I went to town.  Lindsi I think scored the jackpot though.  Look at all those Swedish fish stuck together!!  Also look at the hilarious woman in the background of the picture.  I imagine that's an older version of Lindsi :)

We finished off our night by going to see "Eagle Eye".  That movie is intense.  Everyone enjoyed it, although it was a bit too political for Steve.  All I know is my brother Kurt's suspicions of a "Big Brother" watching all of us isn't too far off according to this movie!  Good thing I'm too boring to spy on :)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Evidence of My Rising Domesticity

Despite my mother's worries before I married, I do have the workings of being a great mother/homemaker.  I don't know if women my age aspire to be homemakers anymore, what with the whole women's movement and such, but I do enjoy various domestic activities.  So mother, here's proof that you did inspire me throughout the years!
One Saturday, Mom Gunnell invited Dayna and me over to make fresh raspberry jam.  We made lots and lot!

Chase displaying a homemade peach pie I made of his favorite pies!  We had fresh peaches straight from Washington thanks to my coworker Rick so I had to find ways to use them up!  Yum!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Battle for Bragging Rights Part II

As many of you know, Chase loves to golf.  At Christmas time, while we were in Texas, we went miniature golfing.  I came out the victor in the end!  Chase was humbled when I beat him at a sport that he felt he "owned."  For the past nine months he has been begging me to go miniature golfing so that he can redeem himself.  So, for Family Home Evening this week, we went to Trafalga, the beloved Family Fun Center of Orem.  Here's a brief synopsis of what went down Monday night:

From the Windmill course comprised of 18 difficult holes anyone could hear heavy trash talk from both "Sugar Mama" and "Tiger".  After putting a hole in one on the 6th hole, Sugar Mama was confident that she would yet again claim the title of "Best Putter".  The infamous "Windmill" shot tried to slow both golfers with some unexpected flooding, but both putters were not deterred.  After nine holes, Sugar Mama was up by 5.  However at hole 11, she met frustrations as she kept slightly gliding by the hole and as she lost the lead.  Nevertheless, the 12th hole, a dreaded anthill type hole, psyched Tiger out and resulted in a lead once again for Sugar Mama.  Ahead was the intimidating Castle hole with a creaking front door that beckoned for anyone to try their luck at getting by.  Skillfully both Tiger and Sugar Mama timed their shots and made it past the door.  Hole 16 is where it all went down though.  Sugar Mama nailed a hole in one once again gaining ground that Tiger could not get back before the final hole.
Tiger - - - 56
Sugar Mama - - - 54
Victory never tasted so sweet for Sugar Mama!!
You may wonder what my prize for winning was.  All I wanted was the bragging rights!!  I think Chase will think twice before challenging me again.  Don't feel too bad for Chase though; he reclaimed his masculinity by beating me in arcade basketball.  Oh well!  I never claimed I was good at basketball.